Title Journal Author Date of Issue DOI / Link
PITX2 Modulates Atrial Membrane Potential and the Antiarrhythmic Effects of Sodium-Channel Blockers Journal of the American College of Cardiology F Syeda, AP Holmes, TY Yu, S Tull, SM Kuhlmann, D Pavlovic, D Betney, G Riley, JP Kucera, F Jousset, JR de Groot, S Rohr, NA Brown, L Fabritz, P Kirchhof October, 2016


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Direct Thrombin Inhibitors Prevent Left Atrial Remodeling Associated With Heart Failure in Rats JACC: Basic to Translational Science Jumeau C, Rupin A, Chieng-Yane P, Mougenot N, Zahr N, David-Dufilho, Hatem SN August, 2016


Catheter ablation in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation European Heart Journal P Kirchhof, H Calkins July, 2016


A Regional Reduction in Ito and IKACh in the Murine Posterior Left Atrial Myocardium Is Associated with Action Potential Prolongation and Increased Ectopic Activity PLOS ONE AP Holmes, TY Yu, S Tull, F Syeda, SM Kuhlmann, SM O’Brien, P Patel, KL Brain, D Pavlovic, NA Brown, L Fabritz, P Kirchhof May, 2016


Systematic analysis of ECG predictors of sinus rhythm maintenance after electrical cardioversion for persistent atrial fibrillation Heart Rhythm T Lankveld, CB de Vos, I Limantoro, S Zeemering, E Dudink, HJ Crijns, U Schotten May, 2016


Coding and noncoding variants in the SHOX2 gene in patients with earlyonset atrial fibrillation Basic Research in Cardiology S Hoffmann, S Clauss, IM Berger, B Weiß, A Montalbano, R Röth, M Bucher, I Klier, R Wakili, H Seitz, E Schulze-Bahr, HA Katus, F Flachsbart, A Nebel, S Kääb, S Just, GA Rappold May, 2016


Can biomarkers balance stroke and bleeding risk Lancet P Kirchhof, L Fabritz April, 2016


Hypercoagulability causes atrial fibrosis and promotes atrial fibrillation European Heart Journal HMH Spronk, AM De Jong, S Verheule, HC De Boer, AH Maass, DH Lau, M Rienstra, A van Hunnik, M Kuiper, S Lumeij, S Zeemering, D Linz, PW Kamphuisen, H ten Cate, HJ Crijns, IC Van Gelder, AJ van Zonneveld, U Schotten April, 2016


Current controversies in determining the main mechanisms of atrial fibrillation Journal of Internal Medicine U Schotten, D Dobrev, PG Platonov, H Kottkamp, G Hindricks March, 2016