CATCH ME at the HRC Congress 2018 in Birmingham

  • by Emilia Czarnecki - Tue, 2018-10-09 16:00


Three CATCH ME partners presented their work at the Heart Rhythm Congress (HRC) 2018 in Birmingham, UK, on Tuesday, 9th October 2018, providing the platform for a vivid discussing of results from the CATCH ME project:


Larissa Fabritz (University of Birmingham): Current Status of Screening for AF: Frequency, Significance and Limitations in the session "AF Association Outcomes Outside The Lab"

Ulrich Schotten (University of Maastricht): Clinic. Making sense of chaos. The Science, Pseudoscience and Unknowns of Mapping and Burning Unstable arrhythmias in the session "New & Improved! Basic Science Zero Jargon Session 2018 - Bench to Bedside"

Reza Wakili (Univerisity of Munich/University of Essen): Direct Sense: A valuable new technology for my patients in the session "Can new technologies in EP improve patient outcome?"


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