15th Dutch-German Joint Meeting of the Molecular Cardiology Groups

  • by Emilia Czarnecki - Thu, 2017-02-23 14:17

The successful 15th Dutch-German Joint Meeting of the Molecular Cardiology Groups with over 120 participants was held from 16th -18th March 2017 in Münster, Germany.

The event is supported by CATCH ME and organized by Larissa Fabritz (Birmingham/Münster) together with the German Cardiac Society (DGK) working groups AG8 “Genetics and Molecular Cardiology of Cardiovascular Diseases” and AG12 “Cardiomyopathies“.


Photography by Manfred Thomas (Abteilung Umwelt und Medien - Fotozentrale, Universitätsklinikum Münster)

CATCH ME Session: "Pathways and modifiers of atrial fibrillation: from development to ageing" chaired by Dobromir Dobrev (Essen) and Michiel Rienstra (Groningen) covered the four topics

- “Developmental view on atrial fibrillation” by Vincent Christoffels (Amsterdam, NL),
- “Hypercoagulability as cause and consequence of atrial fibrillation“ by Ulrich Schotten (Maastricht, NL),
- “Exciting channels in atrial fibrillation” by Constanze Schmidt (Heidelberg, DE) and
- “Role of autophagy in atrial fibrillation” by Marit Wiersma (Amsterdam, NL).

In addition, work by CATCH ME partners was presented at the poster sessions by Winnie Chua (University of Birmingham), Benjamin Neumann (University of Munich) and Stef Zeemering (University of Maastricht).

201703 DGJM Poster Chua P1010793.jpg201703 DGJM Poster Neumann cut.jpg  IMG_20170317_161734_neu I.jpg

Photos provided by Winnie Chua, Benjamin Neumann and Stef Zeemering

CATCH ME Consortium participants: Winnie Chua, Larissa Fabritz, Doreen Haase, Aaron Isaacs, Stefan Kääb, Paulus Kirchhof, Benjamin Neumann, Ulrich Schotten, Moritz Sinner, Monika Stoll, Reza Wakili, Stef Zeemering



Thomas Eschenhagen, Hamburg/DZHK with organisers Larissa Fabritz, Birmingham/Muenster, Friederike Cuello, Hamburg, and Eric Schulze-Bahr, Muenster (local organiser).

Photographed by Manfred Thomas


For further information please see http://www.german-dutch-cardiology.org.